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In traditional method, metallic yarn is processed by pasting gold/silver leaf pasted onto Japanese paper manually.
Today's metallic yarn is using metallized nylon film or metallized polyester film resin coating.
Thanks to thin film vacuum deposition and micro slitting technology, today metallic yarn can be supplied with reasonable price.
Japanese metallic yarn has been enjoying the reputation by high quality.

We are supplying sophisticated pure silver metallic yarn assured by Japanese traditional technology,Japanese innovative material science and production technology.


EFeature of these items are as follows.

  1. In the process of metallized film manufacturing ,@compared with other manufactures, vapor deposition of pure silver is especially thick and evenly done.
  2. Special treatment is done on the rear side of the film.
  3. Our products are manufactured under the long period of accumulated technology of round yarn.

EAs a result, our metallic yarn has following advantages.

  1. Classy silverly brilliance pure silver metallic yarn.
  2. High wear resistance metallic yarn
  3. Superior in flexibility and smoothness.
  4. Accurately wind thread onto a spool. No tangle and smoothly run out the string. Embroidery machine is effectively carried out.