jb-typeThe type uses flat yarn as core yarn. Core yarn is supported by two nylon or polyester yarn. One yarn covered clockwise, another covered counterclockwise.

Thin and narrow metallic yarn a kind of 1/169" supported with wooly processed 12d nylon core yarn is suitable for elastic knitwear and stocking and so on.

Core yarn color - gold, silver, rainbow, colored, colorless, etc.

Application - flat knitting, circler knitting, weaving, stocking, lace, embroidery.
Support yarn - Nylon (20d - )
Rayon (75d, 100d, 120d, etc)
Polyester (50d, 75d, etc)
Flat yarn - 4micron x 1/100" , 1/127" (w),
6micron x 1/100"
12micron x 1/100", 1/127" ,1/169",1/210",


Nylon colorless 12mic 1/69
Nylon silver 12mic x 12mic
Pearl 15dx15d 1/100" Silver 1/100 15dx15d
Gold 1/69 15dx15d