m-typeToday's metallic yarn is using metallized nylon film or metallized polyester film resin coating.
After slitting, thin and narrow width film can be made - flat yarn.
Below mentioned materials are general classifications of flat type metallic yarn. If you need customize, please consult our staff. You can choose width within 0.12mm - 5mm, thickness 4 - 50microns. By laminating films, various thicknesses can be offered.

For detailed spec, please see quick table.

Nylon film metallic yarn
 (1) Aluminum metallized
 (2) Transparent (not metallized)

Polyester film metallic yarn
 (1) Pure Silver metallized
 (2) Aluminum metallized
 (3) Transparent
 (4) Rainbow color (Pearl color)
 (5) Black transparent
 (6) Others (Tin, Cupper, etc)


Nylon Film

2-ply (6x6) 1/127"

Polyester Film

Pearl Color 17mic 1/100"

Polyester Film

Dull Color 1/69" 2-ply

Polyester Film

1/16" (25mmx25mm) 2-ply

Polyester Film

Transparent 1/100"- clear and black transparent 1/169"

Polyester Film

Multi color and blue 1/169"