jb-typeST yarn is a kind of products that flat yarn fully twisted to core yarn. Various combination offered by gauges or colors of flat yarn and core yarn. By using Bakelite bobbin, our ST yarn enables smooth thread feed and fine twist pattern.

Application - textile, knit, braid, sawing, lace, embroidery, embroidery lace.
Flat yarn - Polyester film Pure silver metallized, Aluminum metallized width mainly 1/69"
Core yarn - Rayon (100d, 120d, 150d, 250d and 300d)
Nylon (30d, 50d, 70d, 110d and 140d)
Polyester (50d, 75d and 150d)
Staple fiber yarn, etc


Pure silver with paper,
Silver Nylon core, 110d
Gold Nylon core, 90d
Gold Polyester core, 150d
Silver Nylon core, 150d
Heart pure silver with paper
Heart Gold without paper
Staple fiber Rayon core 600d

We have 2 types of pure silver ST-yarn. One is pure silver metallized film backed white coating. Quality is quite good for embroidery.@
The other is pure silver metallized polyester film pasted with Japanese paper, using over color coating.
This ST yarn is first class quality in point of luster of pure silver and softness.

In addition, we have a superior metallic yarn for embroidery.@This item is pure silver metallized polyester film with Japanese paper, using under color coated (color luster inside polyester film) .It is good strength and smooth touched. And very good color fastness and superior resistance to rubbing. Also most suitable for multi-head high speed embroidery machines.